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Flint lover, curious about the evolution of the human lineage, lover of prehistoric art or just a lucky person who stumbled upon this place, welcome to Prehistory Travel!

Prehistory travel is two prehistoric women who have decided to join forces to put an end to preconceived ideas about prehistory and share their passion with a wide audience. Whether you are a neophyte or an archaeologist, whether you are 8 or 88 years old, whether you are a seasoned reader or prefer to listen to a podcast by the fire, we will do our utmost to interest you and help you discover the fascinating human history. Indeed, we have tried to diversify our formats as much as possible so that everyone can discover prehistory in the way that best suits them. Articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, interventions in schools or online courses, you will find flint to your hand! Prehistory Travel also travels to make your events unique! Company animations, birthdays or bachelorette parties, let Prehistory surprise you with Prehistory.

You may be surprised to find a few articles about events that took place before prehistoric times. These are present simply to allow you to better apprehend in what the Prehistory is registered. Because in fact … the history of life does not begin with us!

Now that the context is a little clearer, it’s time to search … the site!

The Dig
The Dig

On this site, you will find information on everything related to Prehistory: paleoanthropology, history of the Hominins, geology, lithic industry, parietal art, geology, paleoenvironments and more! Let yourself be guided through this prehistoric journey. Nevertheless, before starting to excavate a site (internet or archaeological 😉 ), it is often useful to understand how it works (#stratigraphy).

We have a wide range of materials and offers to familiarize you with prehistory. From free videos, articles and podcasts to a fully customized in-home event, you’re bound to find something here.

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We offer pedagogical interventions and workshops adapted to the desired programs and levels, from 8 years old (primary, secondary and high schools).

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In this article, we offer an introduction to Australopithecines, for which you’ve probably already heard of the famous Lucy, an Australopithecus afarensis.

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The species does not exist

In this article, we discuss the question “What is a species?”. It’s a concept you’ve probably already heard of, and you’ll probably have no trouble identifying a few species, even if their Latin names escape you. However, what seems simple at first glance is in fact not so simple at all, especially when you look at it from a paleoanthropological

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industrie lithique
Lithic industries & chronocultures

The Lomekwien

In this article, we invite you to discover the oldest lithic industry known today, the Lomekwien.

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Prehistory is also on Youtube
Prehistory is also on Youtube

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