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School interventions

We offer educational interventions and workshops adapted to school curricula, from the age of 6. Whether for a single day or on a regular basis throughout the year, we can tailor our workshops to suit your needs and objectives. The only limit? Our imagination!

Online courses

Watch our live remote broadcasts on themes such as prehistoric art, paleoanthropology, geology, the Quaternary and more. The live schedule is variable, so sign up with your e-mail address to stay informed!

Introduction to Prehistory

Have you ever wondered what prehistory really is? Curious to know when this period began and ended? And what happens during it? Join us for this course where we’ll give you the basics to understand what’s behind the term!

The Quaternary: geological and climatic evolution

Since the beginning of the Quaternary, 2.6 million years ago, our planet has witnessed a number of climatic cycles. But where do they come from? And what impact have they had on flora and fauna over time? During this course, explore the origins of these cycles and their impact on our planet!

Introduction to population genetics

Dive into the exciting world of paleogenetics and population genetics with this course, the first in a series on the world of genetics. Explore the fundamentals of these two disciplines!

History of the human lineage

Embark on a journey through the origins of the human lineage, from the first Hominins to the emergence ofHomo sapiens! Some of the problems encountered by researchers are also discussed.

Alexia ANGELI - Préhistoire

Discover Alexia’s background in operational management, training and communication before training in prehistory!

Mathilde LEPINE - Préhistoire

Meet Mathilde, an engineer in biological engineering who has decided to train in bioarchaeology.

The team

Discover Prehistory Travel’s values and team members!

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